Camp Fire/Firepit/Pot Policy

  • Campfires are only to be lit in fire pots/pits NOT ON THE GROUND fire pots/pits MUST be at least 2ft above the grass and not leak coals/burning embers onto the ground.
  • Fires MUST NOT be left unattended or burning overnight. Fires MUST be extinguished before being left unattended.
  • Fires must be attended by an adult (over 18) at all times.
  • Campfires/pots/pits must be placed away from loose items, tents, caravans and other guests’ sites.
  • Campfires must be kept (within reason) low smoke, and low height. NO LARGE FIRES TO BE LIT
  • No fires to be lit on excessively windy days, total fire bans, or at other times as directed by staff.
  • An email and text message will be sent to advise if a total fire ban is in place. This will void any previous arrangement(s) made regarding fires.
  • Fires must be FULLY extinguished and ash disposed of responsibly (see reception for ash disposal)